Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April Update: Cherry Blossoms & Easter

Hi Everyone, I don't think I did a March update, but the bf and I rescued a dog last month. She's a 10 month old Chocolate Lab/Austrailian Shepard Mix. We named her Phoenix after the bird, not the city, haha. She's been a handful, but a joy to have as a part of our family.

Last weekend the bf and I went down to see the Cherry Blossoms, and it was super pretty. There were tons of people everywhere and it wasn't too hot walking around. I haven't been back to see those cherry blossoms in ten years or so!

Then for Easter I went over to my aunt and uncle's house for dinner. My aunt married a Greek man, so most of the time when we're at their home we eat Greek and Vietnamese food. We had Vietnamese egg rolls (not pictured), lamb, shrimp and feta cheese, baklava, roasted potatoes, Cesar salad and roast beef. Delicious meal, and great time with family.

Next review coming up will be Louisiana Kitchen in Bethesda!

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John said...

oh wow, your food collage looks so tasty!