Thursday, July 14, 2011

Truckeroo - DC Food Truck Festival

Truckeroo is a monthly festival held June through October featuring around 20 food trucks! Makes it easy for those of us who don't work in DC or those who don't want to track all of them down individually. Admission is free. Located at Half and M Street, SE across from Navy Yard Metro Station on the green line.

I went with my friends to the June event. 18,000 people showed up throughout the day. My pic doesn't capture the crowds at all.

Live music was playing throughout the festival which gave it a fun, communal vibe.

They sell beer too! Just get a wrist band at the entrance.

The event was from 11am - 9pm. My friends and I couldn't get there until 7ish because of work, so it was PACKED with everyone else in the same boat. Therefore, our choices were based on the length of the line and how fast it appeared to be moving. Many of the popular trucks were already sold out by the time we got there.

We chose the Big Cheese truck first! Gourmet grilled cheeses please the kid and foodie in me.

They offer 4 different kinds, and all of my friends ordered the same one! We're going to branch out next time so we can taste each other's.

We all got the Midnight Moon (goat gouda, caramelized onions on multigrain) for $6.50. SOOOOO yummy. Granted it took 30 minutes to order, pay and get our food, but it was good stuff. Make sure you pay attention to when they call your name over the loud music, otherwise you might be SOL.

Here's an example of a truck (Sweetbites) that had been sold out but still wanted to torture us by sticking around, and... is an example the BBQ Bus DC line that we didn't want to stand it. Actually this only shows 1/2 of the line. I'm not joking.

While we were walking around trying to decide on our next truck, these guy was singing and playing his keyboard like no other! I didn't understand where he was plugged into...

...and then I saw these on the ground =)

We chose the Eat Wonky truck because it appeared to be moving and looked shorter. They are known for their Poutine (a French Canadian dish of french fries topped with fresh cheese curds and brown gravy).

Once again we all ordered the same thing. What were we thinking?! We ordered their signature Wonky Dog (All-beef frank on a warm toasted roll topped with french fries, squeaky cheese and brown gravy) for $6. We all felt the same way about the item: the roll was too thick and the flavors were one-noted.

They also had Whoopie Pies! We all bought the Hazelnut-Nutella flavor for around $3. Delicious! Maybe the best I've had.

After 45 minutes in that line, we were so happy to finally get our food!

Tomorrow is the July Truckeroo from 11am - 11pm! I will be there again, and we will have a better plan of attack! Can't wait to try the other trucks.

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Michele said...

Remember... next time- DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!!!