Saturday, January 21, 2012

MOA - Rockville, MD

A large group of my girl friends and I had dinner at MOA, which is a Korean restaurant hidden in a more industrial part of Rockville. I actually used to work across the street years ago before they opened! The parking lot is small, but there is plenty of street parking.

The interior is bright with wooden tables and benches. They do not have tables with grills built into the center. They bring a portable grill if you order BBQ. They have a wide range of items from soups, BBQ and other traditional Korean dishes.

I've listed the dishes that everyone got, just as a reference.

1. Seol Leong Tang ($7.99) - This is what I ordered. A milky-looking noodle soup with beef. The milkiness come from the bone marrow in the broth. It was my first time trying this dish, and I wish it was spicy.

2. Mul Naeng Myun ($9.99) - Cold soup with beef and vegetables. Has a tangy taste, which makes it a popular dish among my friends. I personally do not like cold, noodle soups.

3. Pork Tang Su Yook ($14.99) - The Korean version of Sweet and Sour pork. I thought it was yummy!

4. Bulgogi Jungol ($29.99) - The plate that the meat is grilled on has a moat (is that the right term?) to hold vegetables, noodles and broth. The beef drippings also help add flavor. This was nice because there was extra stuff other than just meat.

5. Son Wang Mandu ($8.99) - These dumplings are the size of my palm! The biggest ones I've ever seen before. I enjoyed them.

6. Yukgaejang ($8.99) - Spicy, shredded beef soup.

I like that they give yogurt drinks at the end with the bill. Another good dish is their Spicy Octopus, which I've had on a different visit. Small staff, but very helpful! The kim chi is homemade and really good.

MOA Korean Restaurant
12300 Wilkins Ave
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 881-8880

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