Saturday, November 8, 2008

Yechon - Annandale, VA

My friends and I stopped by Yechon in Annandale, VA for some late night Korean food since its one of the few 24 hour restaurants in the Northern VA area. The closest metro stop would be East Falls Church on the Orange line.

The restaurant is so bright, and is glowing with a bunch of neon signs, so it's hard to miss for the road. There is parking all around the place however it can get filled up pretty fast.

There were a couple of awards on their walls from The Washington Post Magazine and AOL. I always look for awards at restaurants because it means that the place is most likely good.

The interior decor is made of of lots of wood. The lighting is bright, and clean with a sushi bar on one of side of the restaurant.

We arrived around 1:30am and it was already packed! There are a lot of tables packed into a decent sized room.

They have an extensive menu with Korean and Japanese food. I love menu's with pictures because if you can't decide what to eat by the descriptions, just point and order whatever looks delicious. Also while sitting there looking at the menu, the place smelled soooo good. Everyone else's food makes you even hungrier and more eager to start eating.

It was cold that night so we all got water and hot tea for free.

The bf and another guy friend ordered some 'Soju'. It is a Korean alcohol usually made from rice, barley, sweet potato, tapioca or other random things. Its a clear liquid that is taken in shots.

In Korean restaurants after you order your food they give you 'banchan', which are small appetizer/side dishes to eat while you wait and to eat with your entrees. This place is AWESOME and gives you around 15 different kinds. There was kim chi (fermented spicy cabbage), potato salad, bean sprouts, pickled vegetables, acorn jelly, etc.

My friend ordered the 'Galbi Tang,' which is a beef rib soup with vegetables and duk (slightly chewy rice disks)'. It is a non-spicy dish.

The boys ordered 'Bulgogi', which is seasoned, finely slices of beef. The tables are equipped with table grills, but they cooked it in the back and brought it out for us. I think it is because it's faster for them since it gets so crowded in there.

My cousin ordered 'Pa Jun' which is the "Korean Pancake". It's a flat, pan-fried dish made with flour, and vegetables. It was crispy, however I've had better.

I ordered 'Mandoo Guk,' which is a beef dumpling and duk soup. It was really good, not spicy, and filling cuz the bowl was HUGE.

Boys like to eat meat, so they ordered more! This time it was 'Jae Yook Bokum,' which was a spicy, smokey, dish of fried sliced pork with onions and other vegetables. It was really good and flavorful.

My cousin also ordered some shrimp and vegetable tempura. It is a dish where shrimp and vegetables are fried in a Japanese flour batter.

As you can see the table was full of food!

The restaurant is not that cheap. I apologize for not having prices but it was late at night! Korean Barbecued dishes can run around $18 and the soups were around $10. It gets really crowded in there, so don't be surprised if there is a wait at any time of the night. The portions are generous, and it's a great place to come with friends. I would recommend it if you're craving great tasting food especially after a night of drinking and dancing.

Opened 24 Hours - 7 Days a Week

Yechon Restaurant
4121 Hummer Rd
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 914-4646

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Angel said...

LOVE your blog..I'm in the DMV area and I'm going to become an addict of your blog!I Love finding great places to eat out:)

Food Lover said...

Hello wow that looks like plenty of food haha! It must be nice to eat hotplate stuff when the weather is cold.

Dskco said...

Thanks Angel!! I was hoping to help someone out in the area with finding new places to eat. Hope you keep reading, and if you have suggestions, let me know =)

Penang Tua Pui said...

15 small appetizer/side dishes? wow.. so generous...

beside BBQ pork, the small appetizer dishes is what I love about Korean Food... yum yum

Anonymous said...

Small appetizer plates=banchan
duk=rice (not dough) disks
Korean Jello=acorn jelly
and the potato salad is for mee-guks.

Marie said...

Apparently I forgot to use spell check, thanks!

mee-guk said...

Anonymous = Smartass DOUCHE