Sunday, November 2, 2008

Yogiberry - Rockville, MD

Edit: 5/26/10- They are now a self-serve place! $.45 an ounce with 10 froyo flavors to choose from. (Photo below is the only one of the new place)

I finally checked out a frozen yogurt place since the PinkBerry craze happened. It is called Yogiberry, and is located in Rockville in Federal Plaza Shopping Center. The closest metro stop would be Twinbrook on the Red Line.

Since it is located in a shopping center there is ample parking, however it was difficult finding parking since it was the weekend.

The interior of the place is super trendy! I love the colors they use, and it looked kinda like an IKEA showroom with the plastic chairs, textured walls, and unique lighting fixtures.

They used touch screen monitors for their registers, and was the 1st thing that you see once you walk in. The stipes on the wall were really different.

This was the back of the place. It's really quite small with around 6 small round tables, some chairs and a long bench. I thought it had a modern, but cozy feel to the place. It has only been opened for a month, which explains the new and clean feeling to it.

Let me mention how cool their floor was! It was made out of small pebbles. I think that helped bring a sort of 'zen' feeling into the space.

It is a frozen yogurt spot that offers 4 flavors:
-Original, Chocolate, Berry, Green Tea.
All frozen yogurts are low-fat, however I can't say if any of the flavors are non-fat because I've been getting different answers.

After picking a flavor you have the option of choosing toppings. You can get sweet toppings that range from Oreos to butterscotch chips, cereals like Fruity Pebbles and Cap n' Crunch, or healthy ones like raisins or granola. Each of them are $.95 each, but can change depending on the size cup you get.

There are also fruit topping options like kiwi, mango, pomegranate, banana, etc.

Besides ordering just frozen yogurt, you can order smoothies for $4.95 which include 3 fruit choices. Or you can order 'shaved ice' which is the frozen yogurt on top of shaved ice with 3 topping choices, mochi, sweetend milk and syrup, which costs $7.50.

All of the frozen yogurts are served in cups. No cones in here! In regards to pricing:
5oz - $2.95
8oz - $3.95
13oz - $6.45

You have the option to combo the 8oz and 13oz, which gives you 3 toppings to choose from, and that changes the prices to $5.75 (8oz) and $7.95 (13oz).
Also since the Green Tea flavor is special, add $1 to all the prices I've listed if you choose to order it.

The staff there is super nice, friendly and helpful. They let me sample all 4 of their flavors. This picture is of their chocolate. I actually didn't really care for chocolate since I like my chocolate rich in flavor, and it's difficult to acheive when it's low-fat, and yogurt.

The bf ordered berry flavored yogurt with blackberries. I have to say that the berry flavored yogurt was the best overall. It tasted like real berries and the texture was light.

I on the other hand wanted to try something different and got the green tea frozen yogurt with butterscotch chips and reese's buttercups. Yes, it was a slightly odd combination, but I figured you can't go really wrong if you mix all of your favorite things. The green tea has a more sour flavor than the others, with chocolate coming behind it, then original, then berry with the least sour taste. It's not an over powering sourness at all, but yogurt does have a tanginess to it.

It had great texture, and I'm glad it stayed frozen for a while and didn't melt fast while I was eating it.

I highly recommend trying this place out. It's a low-fat treat, it's a cute place for friends to hang out, and the combinations are endless. It can be a bit pricey if you go overboard on the toppings, but if you bring in your student ID on Fri-Sat, you can get 10% off your purchase.

Federal Plaza
12274-E Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852

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John said...

Hmmm, sounds like a place I'd try, too. I'm not sure if I would combined so many different flavors with the green tea.

It seems pricey, is this typical of DMV prices?

I have a TCBY nearby, which I have been frequenting more lately for their smoothies.

Dskco said...

It is a neat place to try and create your own flavors, however I wouldn't put so many different toppings into my green tea next time.
Yes it is a bit pricey, and DMV prices are within this range unfortunatly.

Jeanne said...

when did Yogiberry open in Federal Plaza?! whaaat... I'm going to have to check it out when I go home. :D

Jeanne said...

I moved to San Francisco in mid-August, which is probably why I haven't had Yogiberry yet... Although a few of my friends have mentioned that they had some really good fro-yo a while back. This must have been what they were talking about!

Haha, too bad I'm going to be back in MD when it's so frickin' cold. I hear it's been snowing/flurrying the past few days? It's definitely still in the upper 50s here in SF! I don't know how I'm going to survive when I go back...

You're in Rockville, right? My parents also live in Rockville, actually! Small world! :D

Amanda @ The Hungry Wanderers said...

Thanks for such an informational post! I'm headed there tonight with my family and look forward to giving it a shot. It seems a bit pricey, so I hope it's worth the value. Thanks again!