Monday, September 21, 2009

Hook- Georgetown, DC

Hi Everyone! DC Restaurant Week was a month ago, so I apologize for this being late post. Hopefully it will still give you an idea about the place if you're deciding whether to try it or not.

3 of us made reservations to try Hook because I was recommended by some friends. Restaurant Week dinner was $35.09 per person for a choice of 3 courses off a pre-selected menu.

It's located in the heart of Georgetown. I parked in the garage that is about 1-2 blocks away. Street parking is always a nightmare. Closest metro stop would be Foggy Bottom-GWU on the Blue/Orange line.

FYI: The place was very dimly lit for the ambiance, so some pics are either dark or blurry. Sorry!

It was a Thursday night, so the bar was packed with people grabbing a drink. It can get quite loud in there.

There are two areas to sit. This is the main dining room. Sorry its so dark! It's quite beautiful when you look at it in person. We were seated in the front of the restaurant near the window. There are only about 3-4 small tables up front. There is also a long table next to the bar which fits larger groups of around 12.

The bread was soft with grains in them. The spread was a kind of garlic mayonnaise.

Starting with appetizers, my friend ordered the '½ Dozen Oysters (New York)- coriander mignonette'. She let me try one, and I thought it was good. I love all oysters as long as they're not gritty.

My cousin ordered the 'Tomato Gazpacho- jumbo lump crab, fava bean pesto, lemon, olive oil'. I didn't try it, but she said it was ok.

Look at this plate! I ordered the 'Beet Salad- goat cheese, pistachio, wheat berries, pickled watermelon, vanilla'. The server recommended it as well as reviews online. It was amazing. I'm a fan of strong flavors, so the salty pistachios, pungent cheese, and sweetness of the beets were to die for.

Now onto the main course (wow, that's blurry), my cousin ordered the 'Yellowfin Tuna (Florida)- barley, pattypan squash, strawberries, tomato jalapeño sauce'. She didn't know it was going to be seared, so she wasn't prepared to eat that much raw fish. Tasted fine to me, but if you're not into raw fish/meat, I would stay away.

My friend ordered the 'Artic Char (Iceland)- basmati rice, peas, carrot curry sauce'. It was so good! I think she had the best fish dish of the night. I would order this fish next time.

I ordered the 'Barramundi (Massachusetts)- parsnip puree, raspberries, cucumbers, baby heirloom tomatoes, chives'. I think I ordered it because the name sounded cool. It was good with an interesting flavor combination of raspberries and parsnips. I thought it was slightly bland, but I did finish the entire plate, so I can't complain.

We were already full, but made room for dessert and shared all of them. First one was the 'Apple Tart- almond frangipane, vanilla ice cream'. I liked it a lot. The pastry was perfect.

The 'Lemon Cake- honey lavender buttercream, honey ice cream' was very good with the lavender buttercream. I thought it gave an interesting twist to a lemon cake.

Lastly, the 'Bittersweet Chocolate Pudding- chocolate hazelnut biscotti' was good as well. It had a great bittersweet taste that I prefer over milk chocolate pudding.

Our server was really nice and helpful when we asked for recommendations. Their pastry chef won "Pastry Chef of the Year" in 2008, so you can't go wrong with anything you choose. The Restaurant Week menu was a great deal because the entrees regularly are in the mid-20's range. I loved the beet salad, thought my fish was good, and liked the desserts. I also appreciate the restaurant's locally grown produce, eco-friendly and humane meat/dairy practices that they mention on their site.

3241 M St NW
Washington, DC 20007

Monday Dinner: 5:00pm-10:00pm
Tues-Fri Lunch: 11:30am-2:30pm Dinner: 5:00pm-10:00pm
Saturday Brunch: 10:00am-3:30pm Dinner: 5:00pm-11:00pm
Sunday Brunch: 10:00am-3:30pm Dinner: 5:00pm-10:00pm

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OMG! you live in the DMV area? me too!! ahh i would love to meet a blogger from the area~ i agree with your previous post, caliyogurt is the bomb! thanks for the reviews and holy crap, its totally nice to meet you! you got a new follower =)

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