Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Caliyogurt- Gaithersburg, MD

UPDATE 6/12/12 - Went back over the weekend after a while and they have a total of 8 flavors including non-fruity ones. They also offer bubble tea, shaved ice and crepes!
Hi everyone! Frozen yogurt places are all the craze right now. It's usually fat-free, comes in different flavors and you can customize your toppings. I've been to 4 different places in the area (Yogi Berry, Mr. Yogato, Yogi Castle) and Caliyogurt is by FAR my favorite.
Located in a shopping center right next to Quince Orchard HS, there is a small parking lot, but I've never seen it full. The closest metro stop would be Shady Grove on the red line.

The interior is clean and modern looking. Its actually the biggest one I've been too. It could hold a good number of people at once.

I love all of the cool seating. In the front there are tables with comfy, adjustable swivle chairs. I always sit there.

If you stop by with a couple friends, they have semi-private cubicles in different colors with more chairs. Those have electrical outlets, so people bring in laptops to use with their free WiFi.

This is the last seating section in the back near the yogurt.

One of the reasons I like this place is because its self-serve. They have free cups, and waffle cones for 75 cents each. They charge you by the weight of your yogurt and toppings at 45 cents an ounce. They have tiny sample cups at the register.

The yogurt comes in 6 fat-free flavors (chocolate, blackberry, mango, honeydew, pink grapefruit, passion fruit, original) that can change depending on the day. They also offer swirled/combined flavors on the machines that have connecting flavors. For example, blackberry and chocolate share a machine, so you can get them swirled together.

The toppings bar is huge my opinion. There are a lot of toppings like fruits, cereals, chocolate chips, cookies, bubble tea bubbles, mochi, etc.

This was my 1st creation, and seriously after I ate it ...I bought another one!

I think they have AMAZING yogurt flavors. Mango and honeydew swirled together is my favorite. I love loading on whatever toppings I want too. Aside from just yogurt, they offer shaved iced for $7.50, smoothies for $4.95, Yogi-fondue for $15, and an assortment of teas. Also on the back of their business card they will give you a free 'under 10 oz.' yogurt if you buy 9 'over 10 oz.' yogurts. I've become addicted to this place, sometimes buying it as my lunch!

12158 Darnestown Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Summer (Apr-Oct): Mon-Thurs: Noon-10PM
Fri-Sat: Noon-11PM
Sun: Noon-8PM
Winter (Nov-Mar): Mon-Thurs: Noon-9PM
Fri-Sat: Noon- 11PM
Sun: Closed

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HOLY FUCK GIRL !!! i have been missing out you went from barely blogging to blogging just about everything!!! UGH and FOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!!! i have missed you lots! how are things i seen you have done some traveling...NYC...a foodies dream!!! you went to some really good places aka ippudo but i tell you MINCA is even better for ramen the broth is buttery and porky...ugh i def. have to check out the rest of the places you have gone cuz i have not been to alot of them!!! are you still breaking nuts?! its like i have not seen an ol friend! i am saving you on my blog roll so i dont loose you again!...i too also wanted to say thanks for you support on the confidence matter...means alot that we back each other up!