Thursday, December 3, 2009

Carmen's- Rockville, MD

Last month my friends and I wanted something sweet and decided to go to Carmen's. They are known for their Italian ice, custard, and gelatis. Located in Rockville off I-270, exit 6A, there is plenty of parking in the front lot. The closest metro stop would be Rockville on the red line.

Here are the regular store hours and the new fall/winter hours.

The interior is very colorful and fun. There are many diff flavors of Italian ice, custards, and yogurts to choose from. They also offer hot items like drinks when it's freezing outside and cookies, pre-packaged ices to-go, candy - just lots of cool things!
The prices are extremely affordable. These are the prices for small items: Italian ice ($1.75), Custard/Yogurt ($2.55), Gelati ($2.80).

As a child I knew what Italian ice was because my mom would buy the little cups from the supermarket. However, my bf was the one who introduced me to gelatis in college.
Me: Gelato?
BF: No, Gelati. What the heck is Gelato?

We come from different worlds =) Basically, a gelati is a cup filled with both custard and Italian ice. People think frozen custard is the same as soft-serve ice cream, but its not. It has a higher percentage of butterfat and egg yolks which gives it a thicker, smoother texture.

What's really nice is the seating area they have inside and outside. It was a beautiful day so everyone was sitting outside, including us.

The past couple of times I've been, I've gotten a gelati with cherry (they have a cool name for it, but its basically cherry/berries) Italian ice.
On the 8th of every month it is owner Jason's son's birthday. It is called Jayden Day and in celebrating all ices and gelatis are 1/2 price! It just so happens we were there on the 8th. The line was out the door! So we paid like $1.50 for it.

My friends got their blue raspberry flavor and mango. Mmmm....

Everyone is always super friendly and helpful. If you've ever had Rita's gelatis before, this place tastes way better. The prices are very cheap. Pay with cash, as it is preferred. However, there is a credit card machines for transactions over $5. It's really just a fun place to grab dessert at with friends and hang out.

1115 Nelson St
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 545-1154

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