Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Sushi Damo- Rockville, MD

I had a great birthday weekend a few weeks ago. On New Years Day, the bf took me to Rockville Town Square for dinner at Sushi Damo, dessert at Gordon Biersh and Regal to watch Avatar in 3D (go see it if you haven't yet!).
Sushi Damo is the bf's favorite sushi place. Located in Rockville Town Square, there's paid parking, meter and free parking all over the place. We parked at the theater for $1 since we were going to see a movie anyway. The closest metro stop would be Rockville on the red line.

The interior isn't huge, but it's really trendy. This is the door and front of the restaurant.

Middle of the restaurant with a view of the bar and sushi bar.

This is the back of the restaurant. I like the bamboo throughout the place and dark wooden tables.

I know it doesn't look like a lot of food, but I was stuffed afterwards! We both ordered a roll for ourselves and shared another.

I ordered the "Spicy Mistletoe- spicy salmon and avocado with corn flake crunch inside, topped with lightly seared peppercorn crusted tuna, homemade lemon mayo, eel sauce and scallion" for $15. Woo, there is a lot of stuff on it, but the flavors work well together, and its not a heavy feeling. I loved it!

We shared a "Spider roll- soft shell crab tempura and cucumber" for $10. Really good too.

The bf ordered the "Toyko Rose- spicy salmon and cucumber topped with scallion, spicy tuna and miso paste" for $15. He loved this roll. I think I've ordered this once before and I've really enjoyed every roll I've had there.

The bf pretended to go the bathroom, but then walked up to the hostess stand (real slick), so I knew he was trying to do something for my birthday. They brought out a 'Green Tea Tiramisu' with a candle. How sweet! It was really good if you like green tea ice cream.

I love coming back to Sushi Damo because all of their rolls are creative and taste/feel/look like high quality food. It is expensive since each of our rolls were between $10-15. Service was normal, the birthday dessert was free, and the interior is really cute. It took a bit to get our food, but it does take time to assemble a complex roll. It's a great place to go on a date. I haven't tried any than their sushi though. Friday nights they have a DJ, 30% off their late night menu which includes rolls and appetizers and drink specials between 10pm-2am.

Sushi Damo
36-G Maryland Ave
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 340-8010
Sushi Damo on Urbanspoon
After dinner we still had 2 hours before our movie so we went to Gordon Biersh (yes, we're fatties) to get more food. I am in LOVE with their 'Warm Apple Bread Pudding- with pecans, vanilla ice cream and whiskey sauce' for $6.50. I used to have dreams about this dessert, so I highly recommend trying it.

Then on my actual birthday (January 2nd) I went out with my friends to Lotus Lounge on K St NW to drink and dance! It's a really beautiful place with cool lights on the walls, however the service is lacking and everyone is a bit snobby. The DJ was awesome that night, so I had a blast.

My cousin/my Twin got me a 'Toffee Crunch' cupcake at Cake Love in Tyson's Corner. She even brought a candle, and I thought it came with the table, lol.

Then my friend Sqrl surprised me with 6 cupcakes from Occasionally Cake in Alexandria, VA. I was so touched!
Top (L-R): Chocolate with Pomegranate Icing, Coconut, Lemon with Lime Icing
Bottom (L-R): Coconut, Amaretto, Dulce de Leche


C. said...

happy belated bday! and those cupcakes look good, i am intrigued now!

Angela Pan said...

Happy belated Bday by the way!! I really enjoy your blogs, your pictures, tips, descriptions are really helpful and I love that you review places near me (Rockville, Bethesda, etc.)

In any case, Sushi Damo is really good I agree but definitely expensive. The display is already very admirable but at $15 a roll they really should do more with the plating and ingredients.

Dskco said...

You guys are too sweet! Thanks for the bday wishes =)