Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tara Thai - Rockville, MD

After training for a run with my cousin, we were hungry! After much debate, we decided on Thai food at Tara Thai. I haven't been back to that restaurant in around 8-9 years because I remember not liking it. It's been long enough, and it deserved a second chance. They have a few locations in the DC area, but we went to the one in Rockville. There is plenty of free parking in the shopping center's lot. The closest metro station is Twinbrook on the red line.

The interior feels like you're in the ocean. Very blue and marine-like. It's a medium-sized restaurant that offers a lot of booth seating in the center of the place.

The light fixtures reminded me of the jelly fish on Spongebob Square Pants!

We always get Thai Iced Teas at Thai restaurants. It's hard to get a perfect blend of tea flavor, sweetness and creaminess. We found these a bit too creamy.

My cousin loves spicy food and ordered the '#49- Kee Mao Goong-Gai (wide rice noodles topped with shrimp and chicken in a spicy basil sauce) for $11.50. This dish had 3 peppers next to it on the menu indicating its high level of spiciness. Sadly for her I was able to eat it, meaning it wasn't spicy at all. Where were the noodles?! There were too many toppings. Overall, we didn't care for the dish.

This is one of my favorite Thai dishes, '#40- Penang Curry (Chicken, beef, pork or seafood cooked in red peanut curry and fresh basil) for $9.95. This only had 1 pepper next to it on the menu, so I wasn't scared of burning my mouth. I always order fried tofu with my curry as I find it soaks up the sauce better. The curry was very dark and thick. I think because there was less coconut milk it in. The texture of the fried tofu did not taste or feel fresh. I was disappointed.

The server was polite and food came out very quickly. I was hoping after many years it would be better, but it hasn't changed. I usually order the same dish at different places, so I am aware of how I like those dishes to taste. I suggest eating Thai food at one of the many others in the area.

12071 Rockville Pike
Rockville MD 20852
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Victoria D. said...

I've been to Tara Thai a few times. The first time I loved it. The second time the food came out cool to luke warm which I didn't like.

I got the Kapow chicken which was ok. Not horrible, not mind blowing either.

I remember a friend and I saying that if there were such a thing as fast food Thai, Tara Thai would be it.

I know you/your friend didn't care for the Kee Mao Goong-Gai, but it actually looks really good.


Apple Amy said...

"Tara" means water/ocean in Thai, hence the theme. I'm not a fan of Tara Thai as the dishes are Americanized and not very authentic. I can give u some recommendations to my fave Thai places in the area if u want! :-)