Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Benjarong - Rockville, MD

I haven't been back to Benjarong in so long! It was my family's favorite Thai restaurant during my high school and college years. We had stopped going for a while around the time the original owners had sold it. They have recently gotten back into the restaurant business and opened Sabai Sabai. Located in Wintergreen Plaza, there is plenty of parking. The closest metro stop is Rockville on the red line.

The interior is cute because they pay attention to detail and put a lot of traditional Thai decor everywhere.

One of my favorite drinks ever! The Thai Iced Tea was made just right. Wish they came in jumbo sizes or with free refills.

For our appetizer, we shared the Papaya Salad (Fresh shredded green papaya mixed with lime juice and chili pepper served with grilled shrimp, tomatoes, green beans and peanuts) for $8. I thought it was good but had way too much fish sauce. It was too the point you could really smell it. The Viet people at the table didn't mind that, but the bf couldn't eat it.

We also shared Peek Gai (Deep fried stuffed chicken with minced chicken, crab meat, mushroom and spring onions) for $6. It was really yummy and different since it tasted like a chicken wing with eggroll stuffing.

My dad ordered the best thing of the night, in my opinion. Crispy Duck Basil (Deep-fried quarter duck with fresh chili pepper sauce topped with crispy holy basil) for $15. I love duck and they did a great job because it was flavorful, crispy, yet moist. The basil on top were also crispy, which I found fascinating. I'm ordering this dish next time,

I ordered the Phad See Eew (Wide rice noodles sautéed with egg and black bean sauce with bean sprouts and broccoli with beef) for $10. I liked it but I didn't think it was better than other places I've had it at before.

My cousin ordered one of the daily specials. Gai Yang (Thai-style BBQ chicken) for $16. It came with a side of the same papaya salad we ordered as our appetizer. He said the chicken was moist, however it lacked flavor and tasted like plain chicken.

The bf ordered my favorite Thai curry, Panang Curry (Thick red curry with chicken) for $11. I thought it was too spicy for me, but he loved the spice level and the dish a lot.

Our meal ended with a delicious and delicate dessert of Thai-style fried bananas with mango sorbet ($7). The wrapper was thin and crispy with sweet banana filling. The honey on top made it that much better. OMG I loved it.

Service was fine, and the food was overall good. It had been a long time since coming back and I rediscovered some great dishes that I will be coming back for. The large menu and dining room makes Benjarong a good choice for larger parties too.

885 Rockville Pike
(301) 424-5533
Rockville, MD 20852
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Apple Amy said...

I haven't been there in YEARS! but ur pix makes me wanna go back now!!! :-D