Monday, May 30, 2011

Branded '72 - Rockville, MD

BBQ time! I brought my 2 girls with me to use my Living Social deal at Branded 72. Located in an industrial part of town, I've never noticed it before driving by. It has been around since 1972 and all of the meat is cooked Texas-style with hickory wood in an enclosed pit for 16-18 hours.
It has its own parking lot with the closest metro station being Shady Grove on the red line.

The interior looks a bit old fashioned. There are 2 sections: the bar has tables with a server, and the main dining area is open seating for the chow line.

There is a small sauce station with 3 BBQ sauces: Original Texas,  Roasted Habanero and Rockville Red #12. All of them were not spicy.

Lots of open seating available.

My cousin ordered the Barbecue Sliders (Three mini barbecue sandwiches and choice of two
homemade sides) for $10. She got the Smoked Corned Beef and Texas Beef Brisket with Mac N Cheese and Collared Greens. She wasn't crazy over her food.

My friend ordered the Texas Chili Bowl for $5. She said she liked it.

I ordered the Single Smoked Meat Plate (choice of meat, 2 sides and Texas toast) for $12. I went with the Texas Beef Brisket, Mac N Cheese and Collared Greens. I found the Mac N Cheese and Collared Greens bland. The brisket was decent, but I had to really pile on the sauces because it was drier  than I prefer.

It's great the place has been around for so long, but the atmosphere and staff was lacking energy. My cousin and I ordered pretty much the same thing and both of us found the food lacking flavor.

387 E Gude Dr
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 340-8596
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Mr. Cheap Eats said...

Ms. Classy and I have been looking for a good bbq place.

Mr. Cheap Eats said...

Sorry, got cut off - I meant to finish it by asking "do you have any suggestions?"

JJ said...

This was O'Brien's before it was Branded 72. The food, ambiance and service were no better then than now. O'Brien's tried running a place in Ritchie Center some years ago, but it never did well and soon closed.

Anonymous said...

In MoCo, I would suggest Urban BBQ or Rockville

Marie said...

Urban BBQ is the only other non-chain that I know of. Maybe we don't have many in the DC area?