Friday, September 9, 2011

Baked & Wired - Georgetown, DC

I've heard crazy buzz surrounding this bakery, and it's been long overdue for me to try it. Recently the bf and I were able to stop by Baked & Wired! Look at the adorable doggie water bowl outside.
It's in Georgetown, so there's street/neighborhood parking and plenty of parking garages. The closest metro stop would be Foggy Bottom-GWU on the Blue/Orange line.

The bakery has more of a hip, coffeehouse vibe. The display is enormous and showcases each cupcake individuality. They don't only serve cupcakes, so you can have pie, scones, muffins, etc. I don't know the prices for anything other than the cupcakes (sorry!), which were $3.50 each.

I appreciated the customized cupcake liner, which was basically folded parchment paper. Each flavor has a little label and description. Ah, so cute. We ended up sharing a Red Velvet cupcake, and the bf thought it was the best he has ever tried because the cake was very dense, moist and had a great cream cheese icing to top it off.

The other part of the bakery brews Direct Trade coffee and looseleaf tea. Without understanding what he was drinking, the bf ordered a cold-brewed coffee and added simple syrup and milk. He loves Starbucks, so he thought it was good, not great.

In the back, there's a small lounge area to sip on your drinks and nibble on your pastries.

We ate and drank our goodies as we strolled through the picturesque streets of Georgetown.
I adored the vibe and image of the bakery. The bf liked the cupcake more than other place I've made him try (oh, the life of a blogger bf), so I highly recommend it. It's nice that they serve a variety of baked goods, drinks, and offer over 20 different cupcake flavors.

1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW
Washington, DC 20007
(202) 333-2500
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Michele said...

AHH! You finally tried Baked and Wired!! It is super cute, I havent tried the Red Velvet tho :D I LOVE your picturesque scene, makes me wanna go to Georgetown right now. Bravo girly! And Mike feels Dave's plight- all this good food being shoved at them, poor babies.