Friday, September 9, 2011

Il Pizzico Review/Rockville Restaurant Week 2011 Info

Rockville Restaurant Week starts tomorrow! September 10-18, 2011 with pre-fixed menus priced at either $8 lunch/$15 for dinner or $15 lunch/$30 dinner depending on the restaurant.

Aladdin Indian Kitchen
Amici Miei Ristorante
Baronessa Italian Restaurant
The Bean Bag Deli & Catering Company
Gilly's Craft Beer & Fine Wine
Gordon Biersch
Il Pizzico
La Tasca
Mosaic Cuisine Cafe
Nick's Chophouse
Oro Pomodoro
Phillips Seafood
The Potomac Grill
Rocklands Barbeque and Grilling Company
Spice Xing
Stella Restaurant
Sushi Damo
Taste of Saigon
Thai Pavilion
Timpano Italian Chophouse

To help promote the week, I was given a $25 gift certificate to try Il Pizzico. The bf and I had been meaning to try this place for a while. Located at the intersection of E. Gude Drive and 355, it's hidden among the car dealers and repair shops. There is a limited parking around the building.

The interior looks nicer and bigger than the outside. The decor is classy and simple and has a wall filled with awards near the entrance.

The bread was soft and served with a black olive spread.

Each table had a tiny rosemary plant! So cute.

We shared an Insalata di mare (steamed scallops, calamari, shrimp and mussels, marinated with garlic, olive oil and lemon)  for $9.95. The dish was served cold, and it was tasty! Perfectly cooked with the right amount of oil and acidity. They did not skimp on the seafood.

The bf ordered the Tagliatelle in salsa di granchio (homemade fettuccine with crab meat, garlic, olive oil, chilies and white wine) for $15.95. There was a large amount of crab! He thought it was good, but actually preferred mine because of the richness, so we switched half way through. I liked his because of the freshness.

I chose the Ravioli di funghi al pistacchio (homemade ravioli filled with mushrooms and ricotta served with pistachio-cream sauce) for $15.95. Very good and creamy! The pistachio gave it a unique flavor. The mushrooms and ricotta made for a flavorful filling.

We ended our dinner sharing a Tiramisu ($8.25). It was topped with so much cocoa powder that we were about to cough off the first bite. Otherwise, it tasted good. There was more mascarpone than ladyfingers, which the bf preferred. We thought the price was a bit steep for the size though.
The menu had a lot of different dishes with pastas around $15 and meats in the low $20s. The homemade pastas really sets this place apart because you don't see that often! The portion size allows for you to be full, but you won't need a doggy bag. I can't say enough about the service. We were insanely impressed! I watched these servers work the whole restaurant (not just us) and they were on point. Friendly, efficient, helpful and professional to all of their customers.

If you're planning on trying a pre-fixed menu for Rockville Restaurant Week, I would recommend this place for a nicer dinner or date.

15209 Frederick Rd
Rockville, MD 20850
(301) 309-0610
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aneetac said...

Finally, a blog about lunching in the DMV! Or rather, finally, I discovered one!! I'm from the DMV area, but go to school in CA. After becoming a foodie out here, I'm excited to relocate back to MD and try out a lot of these places on your blog :)