Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nava Thai - Wheaton, MD

When my Thai friends recommend a Thai restaurant, I need to trust their judgment pronto! Nava Thai is located in my old neighborhood. I grew up on Arcola Ave, and my mom had a hair salon across University Blvd.

There's street parking and a small lot 1/2 block down. The closest metro stop is Wheaton on the red line.
The interior looks like a converted house, which gives it a relaxed vibe, but the ornate Thai decorations make it look much nicer.
Even though I'm trying to cut back on sugar (it never happens), I ordered a Thai Iced Tea ($2.50) and the bf ordered a Thai Iced Coffee ($2.50). Look at the cute cups they used! The server said they are from Thailand. They were delicious and a great price.
They have a huge menu! They have 80 Thai dishes and 91 Japanese items (includes rolls). Good luck deciding what to eat! They all sound awesome. I came with a group of 7, but I'm only documenting items the bf, cousin and I ordered. They all happen to be very popular noodle dishes and a dessert.

1. Pad See Ew (ผัดซีิ้อิ้ว) Stir fried rice noodle w/ Chinese broccoli in bean sauce and choice of meat ($9.95). I ordered it with beef, and I'm salivating as I type. The noodles had so much flavor! Plus the char from cooking added a nice smoky flavor.  
2. Drunken Noodles – Pad Kee Mao (เกี๋ยวเตี๋ยวขี้เมา) Stir fried rice noodle w/ veggies & hot pepper, and choice of meat ($9.95). The bf ordered beef and found the two chili pepper symbol not too spicy. He thought it was good, but liked my Pad See Ew a little better.
3. Pad Thai (ผัดไทย) - Famous Thai noodles w/ egg, shrimp, bean sprouts, green onions & crushed peanuts ($9.95). The cousin ordered this, and though it had more of a fish sauce flavor rather than peanuts, it was still very yummy.
4. Mango and Sticky Rice ($4.50). The rice was sweet and the mangoes were ripe. Great way to end a meal.
I actually can't wait to go back and try other dishes. I was able to sample my other friends' and everything was flavorful. The service was great! They were so friendly. helpful and attentive. I found the prices to be very reasonable too.

11301 Fern St
Wheaton, MD 20902
(240) 430-0495
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Michele said...

Looks... so.. yummy!!! Damn it i'm going to have to do a food tour of MD some weekend. Stop teasing!

I miss Dim Sum so much. Find a GOOD one in VA :D