Monday, August 20, 2012

Kraze Burger - Bethesda, MD

Quick update on my last post: I did the Whole30 diet for 4 days and quit because I wanted to die. So here I am back to eating whatever I want, yet practicing I write about a delicious burger joint.

Last week before the "Caveman Diet", the bf and I grabbed dinner at Kraze Burger, which is a Korean-owned burger chain. (As I'm typing this post, I just found out it's pronounced 'crazy' not 'craze'.....hmmmm, interesting.)

They recently expanded the place and added a frozen yogurt portion because the last time I was there, this whole section that you're seeing wasn't there. Overall, very bright, clean, green, modern interior.

The place is small (10ish tables and a bar stools along a wall), so we found it interesting that they give you a buzzer to alert you when your food is ready. Slightly unnecessary, but either way, it's cool!
Onto the menu! They use all-natural, pesticide-free, 100% vegetarian fed beef.  You can expect some Korean inspired sauces, however the menu is pretty normal with sides of fries, chili, salads, and sandwiches, except for the side of grilled asparagus, which I found unique.

I ordered the the Matiz (beef patty, grilled, onions marinated in Kraze BBQ sauce, American cheese, bacon, pickles, tomato, mayo and lettuce). Yummy! The patty was juicy, and everything together worked well. On the flipside, I didn't like how messy it was because of the sauce (look at the bottom bun), so just get lots of napkins.

The bf ordered the Maximum (beef patty, spicy Maximum sauce, bacon, tomato, onions, lettuce, mayo and American cheese), which he added jalapeños. He also found the patty to be juicy. They told us that our burgers would be cooked 'medium', but even though they weren't, they were still fine. He enjoyed the burger though it wasn't as spicy as he wanted it.

As if burgers weren't enough food, we split Chili Cheese Fries (crescent fries topped with chili and cheese). I've had their regular fries before which are skinny. They use thick-cut fries for this dish because they can withstand the toppings. I felt it was the best chili cheese fries I've had, however the bf still thinks Ben's Chili Bowl is a bit better. 
Solid burgers that we think are at the top of our MoCo list. Size-wise, the burgers are slightly smaller than I was expecting. The fries I've had are very good. The burgers are around $8-9, which is typical, but pricey since the patty isn't huge. We'd definitely go back.

4733 Elm St.
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 215-9068
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Anonymous said...

gangnam style

surille said...

Wow...I have absolutely no idea what's going on restaurant-wise in my own area. It's good to read up on the latest from your blog. All of these Korean establishments suddenly popping up. And soon Rockville Town Square will have BonChon Chicken. Which I never heard of until a few months ago.