Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Honey Pig - Annandale, VA

Finally a VA post! Getting Korean BBQ at 24-hour Honey Pig has been on my list for a while, but I actually had an opportunity to go this time! Relatives from Vietnam were in town, so our family figured it would be a fun place take them. Located in Annandale among so many other Korean restaurants, it is a bit hard to see from the road, but there is free parking in front and around the building. The closest metro is East Falls Church on the orange line.

They make it easy to order with huge posters of their menu items on the walls. Very industrial feel with metal and pipes decorating the interior. It doesn't feel stale, but more like an "underground" club.

Along with the posters are TVs, and Korean pop music BLASTING throughout the restaurant. It makes you feel young, happy and like a popular Korean high school kid out with their friends. The place was packed on a Saturday night for dinner. Thankfully, we made reservations for our group of 7.

Looking at their menu, this was the 1st time I had seen food "on sale", but my cousin who has been numerous times said it's always "on sale". This is actually the cheapest Korean BBQ I've ever seen. Compared to some places, it's like 50% cheaper. They do encourage 2 orders per meat, but at these prices it's no big deal.

Surprisingly this was the only ban chan (complementary side dishes) we received. I'm usually used to a larger variety, but that's fine considering the BBQ prices. Some of the items included salad, kim chi and acorn jelly.

While waiting for the rest of our group to arrive, we started off with 'Mando (dumplings)' for $7.99. I believe they were pork-filled, and fried to perfection. I would definitely order these again.

We also ordered a 'Seafood Pancake' (sorry forgot the price), and it was SO good. It was the right amount of crispiness and flatness that I like. I was impressed.

Onto the BBQ! Remember that all pics shown are 2 orders of each meat. We ordered 3 different kinds, and this time the table-top grill wasn't "in" the table, but on top. The 'Bulgogi (sliced marinated beef)' for $12.99 looked and smelled great as it was cooking, however the taste wasn't spectacular. It was a bit bland, and not as tender.

Is this beautiful or what? They had 2 types of 'Galbi (marinated beef short ribs)' but we ordered the cheaper one for $16.99 called 'L.A. Beef'. I don't know what the difference is between the two, but this was fine and my favorite cut of Korean BBQ. My favorite galbi is still at Woomi Garden, but this was 1/2 the price for much more food.

We also ordered some 'Spicy Pork' for $12.99. It looks spicier than it really was, so I actually could enjoy it! There is kim chi mixed in with the pork to give additional flavor. It actually wasn't what I expected when we ordered it, but it was ok.

Happy and full relatives! It was a lot of fun having visitors in town.

For dessert we went down the street to Shilla Bakery and got 2 'bingsoos (shaved ice)'. They had red beans, green tea ice cream, fruit, mochi and condensed milk drizzled on top. So good, but so filling and cold. I had gone to the one in Rockville, and I did enjoy this location better.

My favorite part of the meal was the environment. I loved the music, the food-loving crowd, and pop star posters. The dumplings and pancake were really good, but I found the BBQ to be closer to average in taste. I'd still go back because of the affordable price. The servers aren't the friendliest people, but they attend to your food and table. It's a great place to go with friends and I'm sure it's even more insane when the late-night bar scene gets hungry at 3am.

7220-C Columbia Pike
Annandale, VA 22003
(703) 256-5229
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Open 24 hours

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Maggie said...

i'm glad you visited honey pig! it's weird that they didn't give you any banchan. we usually get an array of 4 or so different banchan each time i go. they probably took advantage of the fact that you didn't speak korean cuz the best is def the mashed potatoes.

but besides that, the kalbi we usually get is boneless, and it's definitely my fave of any korean bbq in the area. they also have good pork belly and spicy pork belly (not the sliced thin ones). they have this one sweet sauce that i loveeeeeee dipping the pork into.

sorry your honey pig experience wasn't as amazing, but hope this experience doesn't deter you from trying it again soon!