Thursday, May 6, 2010

Woomi Garden- Wheaton, MD

This was my family's 'go-to' Korean restaurant for every special occasion. I've been here countless times in the past, but it's been probably 2 years since I've last been. My friend Pan and Sqrl (check her amazing baking blog) and the bf met up there for dinner. They have a parking lot on the side with meters, but are free on the weekends. The closest metro stop is Wheaton on the red line.

The interior has a middle section and then different rooms with more tables. They offer tables with grills and without depending if you want to cook your food at the table or not. They also have a sushi bar. As a kid I used to love looking at the mini indoor pond with all the fish.
Menus with pictures are the best! They have a pretty standard menu with Korean BBQ, soups, rice dishes, noodles, Japanese food and sushi.

I think they gave us a decent amount of ban chan. I've been to some places like Yechon where it covers the whole table. The kim chi was very good that day, I have to say.

For our appetizer, the bf and I shared a 'Sushi' for $8.95. I liked how the rice were like little boxes.

My friends shared a 'Sashimi' for $8.95, and 'Seaweed Salad' (sorry the pic is all blurry and crooked, geez)

We all shared 3 different kinds of meats. 1st we got the 'Bulgogi- Thin slices of marinated beef rib eye' for $18.95. I thought it ok. Tasted better wrapped in the lettuce with rice.

We then got the 'Galbi- marinated prime short ribs' for $22.95, which is my all-time favorite kind of Korean bbq and food at Woomi Garden. It's sweet and the best I've had from any restaurant.

Lastly was the 'Jaeyook Gui- thin slices of marinated pork in a spicy sauce' for $18.95. I wish it was a little sweeter. I didn't find it memorable.

We killed all the food...oh so full.

After the meal was done, they gave us 'rice punch' which was really good and sweet with rice on the bottom.

After dinner the bf and I went to H-Mart down the street to get some Asian snacks!

After dating the bf for a while, it's been hard to eat at Korean restaurants because I think his mom's cooking is the best. So with that said, I think the galbi was excellent, but the bulgogi and jaeyook gui were mediocre. So if you go, just order that. The portion sizes were small for the price too. The cooked down meat was the size of a small appetizer dish for $20. The service was nice, I enjoyed the atmosphere, and it's great for large parties.
If you're Korean, speak it! My bf ordered in English, then as we were leaving he said thank you and bye in Korean, and our waitress told us if he had spoken in Korean earlier, we would have had better care, lol. So just an FYI you guys.

2423 Hickerson Dr
Wheaton, MD 20902
(301) 933-0100

Mon-Sun 11:30 am - 10:30 pm

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iamlisaaa said...

haha as much as love my korean food, korean restaurants are rude if you don't "act korean." i hate eating out at korean restaurants. especially when i go with friends. they're so rude then when i start ordering in korean, they get all nice. ugh. :(

iamlisaaa said...

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