Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Shilla Bakery - Rockville, MD

After dinner at Temari, the bf and I headed to Shilla Bakery to grab dessert. After having shaved ice for the 1st time on our LA trip, I wanted to grab some in the area at this Korean bakery. They are located in a shopping center so there is plenty of parking in front.
FYI: All pics taken on the bf's new HTC Incredible phone.

This place is adorable! I liked all of the cute colors. They have a good number of tables for you to eat with your friends. It was packed in there, and it was a Sunday night!

They had a really long cake display. My family loves to get Korean cakes for special occasions because they're not overly sweet.

On the other side are their baked goods. Nicely packaged and displayed. A lot of the time the labels didn't help describe what the items were.

This is what we came here for. Shaved ice! They call it Bingsoo. We ordered the 'Fruit Bingsoo (Vanilla ice cream, mixed fruit, milk, condensed milk, rice cake and shaved ice)' for $6.50. Sad to say, we didn't like it that much. The ice was too course. I was hoping for snow-like ice. The rice crackers in it tasted like multi-grain cherrios. The fruit was normal and the ice cream was the best part.

I bought one pastry, 'Cream Cheese Muffin' for around $2. It was moist, but not very flavorful.

Do you like my budget photoshoot using car headlights? The bf ordered a 'Thai tea bubble tea smoothie' for $4.95. It literally took 20 minutes to get, and it didn't taste good. It wasn't sweet, or blended well. The bubbles were thick and hard. Wasn't worth the long wait.
I was hoping our experience would have been better, but the food and drinks we had were either mediocre or bad. The service was mediocre too. They also serve frozen yogurt, teas, ice cream, breakfast, coffee, and sandwiches. I've heard the Annandale location is better.

2098 Veirs Mill Rd
Rockville, MD 20851
(301) 217-0003
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sonharmuito said...

i love this spot. late hours. yummy yum! and they send their stuff all over VA. the global store out in woodbridge has some of their stuff.

h said...

This place isn't the top of my list, but it's the only (Korean) cafe that closes late in Rockville area. If you want real tart frozen yogurt that isn't overly sweet, then head to Shilla bakery. Shaved ice desserts are common in my family. And I enjoy Shilla's Korean versions (well the simpler concoctions..I was able to customize). But I agree that the ice is coarse and a little hard and messy to eat. The service is variable depending on which day you go to..mostly young Koreans. One visit I'll have a very compliant server, next visit we'll have an aloof server. But no obviously rude service. The crowd can irritate me when there are many hyper teens. I rarely go, but only for shaved ice (huge sizes), yogurt and baked goods which are pricey (if you compare to Chinese bakery goods)...the made-to-order food and cakes aren't anything special and are overpriced. Good place just to sit back, have some tea/coffee and baked goods, socialize with friends and family, and the staff won't kick you out if you stay too long.

Dskco said...

H- Thanks for the thorough comment! You're completely right about it being the only Korean Bakery/cafe opened late in the Rockville area. Sadly not many places are opened late! Yeah I'm sure the service depends on the day and the age, haha. Yes it was superrrr loud when we went because of all the hyper teens and large groups. Thanks for visiting my blog!