Thursday, February 12, 2009

DC Restaurant Week - Feb. 16-22

FYI everyone, next week is DC Restaurant Week, YEY!!!

I love restaurant week in DC because they have so many restaurants to choose from. Many of the restaurants are usually out of my current price range, so it's a nice opportunity to chow down on some gourmet meals for a great price.

February 16-22, 2009
Three-course Meals
$20.09 Lunches & $35.09 Dinners per person.

Here is the link to where they list all the participating restaurants, the price range and if they offer lunch and/dinner. You can also make your reservations on the site, which I highly recommend because it is the easiest way, unless you enjoy being put on hold when you call.
Hurry because reservations to expensive places get booked fast!


Salt and Pepper said...

Which ones are you going to choose???

Dskco said...

Hey Salt and Pepper, I believe I'm going to Firefly for lunch, can't wait!