Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eden Center - Falls Church, VA

This is more of a neighborhood post than for a specific restaurant because:
1) This shopping center is awesome
2) It was Lunar New Year so it was impossible to get a seat to eat.
3) I'd rather post something about this place so at least you guys can visit it for yourselves.

Eden Center AKA Little Saigon is a shopping center located in Falls Church, VA where every shop is owned, run and provides all things Vietnamese. Within the US, Los Angeles, Houston, New Orleans and Falls Church have the highest concentration of Vietnamese people.

The closest Metro stop would be East Falls Church on the Orange line. Per the website, the shopping center has 'approx. 120 stores and has been around for 40 years.'

They offer restaurants, jewelry stores, a market, travel agencies, cafes, deli/bakeries, professional services, beauty salons, electronic stores, music/video stores and clothing stores. Quite the one-stop shop.

Here is the super cool sign that you see when you enter the shopping center.

Since it was Lunar New Year it was the most crowded I've ever seen the parking lot. However, it is usually pretty crowded on the weekends especially during lunch, so be prepared to drive around to find a parking space. The parking btw is free.

This was the back parking lot, which I didn't even know they had. My dad and I ended up parking in an unmarked spot because we were tired of driving around.

One of the many delis that the shopping center offers. You can get drinks, packaged foods, freshly made foods, and hot food.

Here's some meats that you can buy. There's shrimp on sugar cane, some pork meatballs on a stick, and other items. Mmmmmm...

In celebration of the Year of the Ox, they had firecrackers going off everywhere, which surprised me because Maryland has strict laws on that stuff. I didn't realize how loud they were! They also give off a lot of smoke so people were coughing everywhere including myself, haha. There was also Dragon dancing happening along the sidewalks in front of the store. It was really fun, but that also blocked the way into certain shops.

My dad and I ended up going into this deli since it was right next to us and a place to get away from the firecrackers. This deli is now inhabiting the space of my favorite Vietnamese restaurant Huong Que/Four Sisters. Since they've become very successful, they were able to move into a nicer space, which I haven't visited yet.

Similar to the other deli there was premade food you could buy off the shelf or order food from up front. This place had bubble tea, ice cream, Che (Vietnamese dessert) and a small sitting area in the back.

Here is the front counter if you want to order food like Vietnamese sandwiches.

Overall, I love going to Eden Center because they have the BEST Vietnamese food in the entire DC Metro area. One could compare the environment to a Chinatown. Things are fairly cheap, and if you like to trying something new, they have tons of stuff crazy stuff.

Next time I'm there I'll do a review on a restaurant! Promise!

(Seven Corners)
7663 Wilson Blvd.
Falls Church, VA 22044

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