Thursday, March 5, 2009

Plato's Diner - College Park, MD

A few weeks ago I went to Plato's Diner in College Park, MD in memory of my late friend D.Ellis. During our junior year of college he passed away in his Knox Box apartment in a fire. Plato's was his favorite place to go eat, so once a year a group of us meet up and reminiscence.

It is located in on Rte. 1 right outside of the University of Maryland campus. There is a free parking lot, and the closest metro stop is College Park on the Green line. We met up for lunch this year, however I forgot to take a picture of the outside, so I came back at night.

The place isn't that big but then again most diners aren't. There are booths, some tables and some sort of ancient Greek decor.

This is the main dining room, and it was actually really packed on this Sunday afternoon.

The menu consists of everything from breakfast, Greek & Italian food, sandwiches, soup/salads, burgers, cakes, pastas, to seafood.

I ordered the 'French Shorty - 4 French toast triangles' for $4.79. So good and cheap! I like how they give you individual maple syrup packets. I ate the entire thing really fast. Maybe I just have a thing for french toast now (see Firefly).

We had a great server who was friendly, and everyone seemed to enjoy their food. Its a very casual place, however my only gripe is they won't let you split the check between multiple people before a certain time of day. So someone needs to pay for the whole thing, or remember to bring cash! The most expensive item is the 'Surf and Turf' for $22.99, however you can find food like I did for very cheap too. One cool thing is all baking happens on the premises.

7150 Baltimore Ave
College Park, MD 20740
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Anonymous said...

ooh platos has gotten me through many many late nights visiting friends at college park :) love it there!!

Chris Pendley said...

I used to be all about French toast and a half, but I changed over to eggs and pan fries a few months ago. I'm debating going back to bacon-fried french toast off a baguette once the farmer's market opens here again, but we'll see. That's a lot of eggs.

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