Monday, March 2, 2009

Wing Off!

During the Super Bowl (yes I know it's a month late!) the bf and I hosted a party at our place and had a 'Wing-Off' amoungst his friends. There were 4 participants, and the rules were to create an original buffalo wing recipe, and have the rest of the party rate the wings to determine the winner.

25 pts - Taste
15 pts - Creativity
10 pts - Presentation

Look at how much chicken there was!

From left to right is the order of the wings. The guys each briefy wrote how they made their wings:

Entry #1 -

"Bought about 4 lbs of wings...

Marinated over night in:

Frank's red hot "extra hot" sauce
Sweet baby ray's honey bbq sauce
Lemon juice

Then when almost done cooking with like 5 minutes left.. topped it off with a little bit of shredded pepperjack cheese."

Entry #2-

"Korean pepper paste
Sesame seed oil
Brown sugar
Sesame Seeds
Dried Parsley

Pan-fry with SSO & Garlic, then put the chicken and everything else in a pot and simmer."

Entry #3-

Sriracha (crazy chicken brand) mixed with franks red hot sauce.

Entry #4-

"Deep Fried Chicken 20-30mins

Oven Warmed till travel
Saracha Hot Sauce
Butter (1 stick melted)
Personal Hot Marinade (Spices, Peppers(Scotch Bonnet/Jalepeno)) Its damn near 15 years old so whatever I've put in there over the past decade. This is where the unique flavor of the sauce is achieved the above ingredients are more of a base to work from for good hot wings.

Added the sauce to the wings before serving to prevent soggy wings .

And finally, love. I know how I like my wings so thats what I tried to serve, keep the meat clean and not wet, cooked thoroughly."

And the Winner is..... #1!!! Check the presentation too! The winning order was #1, #4,#3, then #2. All the wings were great and it was really fun to taste them all.

Hope to have another sort of contest soon!


Anonymous said...

Cute, but there should have been a control wing. Made deep fried, tossed in equal parts Frank's Red Hot and butter. Like we do in Buffalo.

Who won?

Dskco said...

The winner was the first entry. I don't think anyone thought about having a control wing, but its not a bad idea.
I think we were just going based on which one tasted better and was more creative even if it wasn't close to a traditional buffalo wing

John said...

Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing the ingrediants, too!