Friday, October 16, 2009

Temari- Rockville, MD

Edit: 6/28/10 - Went back and they raised their prices. The Katsu Curry was $2 more.

Ever since trying ramen for the 1st time in NYC, I've been on a search. Recommended by friends, the bf and I went to Temari. Located in a green shopping center across the street from Best Buy, I've past this restaurant countless times, and didn't ever notice it. There is plenty of parking in the shopping center, and the closest metro would be either be Twinbrook or Rockville on the red line. It's pretty much right in the middle of the two.

The place is very small with only like 8 tables, and some bar seating. The photos below would be as if I was looking to my left and then to my right. It has a very casual, homey feel. There was a Japanese game show playing on the TV, and lots of menu items taped onto the walls.

We were acting goofy while waiting for our food. I was trying to be a cool Japanese tourist, and the bf was playing with his chopsticks =)

The menu consisted of one page of food. It's not a sushi restaurant, so even though they do offer it, it's not a place where they make special rolls with crazy flavors. There are more traditional dishes on the menu.

The bf ordered the 'Katsu Curry Rice' for $15.45. I am a big fan of Japanese curry, and it was flavorful with breaded pork. This huge plate was filled to the edges!

I came specifically for the ramen. I didn't really think about trying anything else on the menu. They offer around 3 different kinds, and I ordered the 'Tonkotsu Ramen' for $10.25. This one had pork broth instead of miso broth. It was good but sadly kind of bland. I think the spoons are pretty cool though.

After lunch we walked up some stairs to the back of the shopping center to buy some stuff at the Japanese market called Maruichi. It's TINY! But they have some cool items I've never seen in a Korean supermarket. We ended up getting candy: coffee, green tea, and milk. Once again, I would've NEVER known about this place unless someone told me about it.

Overall meal at Temari was fine. The portions were big. My ramen was mediocre. I guess I had high expectations after the NYC trip. I'd probably try something else next time. The bf's curry was really good. The service was quick and helpful. The prices were a bit steep. $15 for some curry is a lot to me. But if you're in the mood for Japanese food other than just sushi, this is a neat Rockville secret to try.

1043 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
301) 340-7720

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Ravenous Couple said...

the beef curry looks yuummm!

Linda said...

Temari - one of my faves. The noodle dishes to have a slight tendency to be "on" one day and then not so "on" the next day. More the broth -- less the noodles. But... it's never enough to sway me from going back again and again.

The onigiri rice balls are a sure hit. I'd recommend you try those one day too.

Newcomer to your blog. And... I kind of love it!

Dskco said...

Linda- Thanks for the love! There's this newer ramen place called Ren's in Bethesda that people have told me about, and I really want to try it now.

Anonymous said...

nice blog

Dskco said...

Thank you!