Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fresh Grill - Bethesda, MD

Happy belated birthday to my love! I took him to Bethesda's new burger place Fresh Grill for his birthday dinner since vacation kind of drained our funds. He's not a foodie anyway, so a juicy burger is his kind of meal. There is metered street parking and metered garage parking. The closest metro station is Bethesda on the red line.

Clean, modern, casual interior. I like the dark wooden tables, bricks, and the lack of clutter. They have 4 flat screen TVs, a projector screen and outdoor seating!

Open kitchens are fun for me because I like watching people cook, and seeing the behind-the-scenes action.

They offer a few bottled beers and on tap ($3-5). I want to try that Shock Top next time.

They also offer glasses ($7-8) and bottles ($25-35) of wine!

Go USA! This is the drink special they are offering now during the World Cup.

All of their burgers are a 1/2 lb of Grade-A, certified Angus beef. Crazy specifications, but that ensures the meat is awesome.

The bf and I both got a bottle of 'Hank's (Black Cherry) Soda' for $2.50. This is my new favorite soda. It is insanely good! It tastes like drinking black cherry Italian ice. Does this come in 2-liter bottles? I'm definitely getting this anytime I see it sold anywhere.

They offer around 10 burgers with fun names and appealing flavor combinations. As well as non-beef options like chicken, fish, and salads. You can also build your own burger with toppings ranging from free to $2 each.

I ordered the 'Hangover (burger topped with eggs, Applewood Smoked Bacon and cheddar) for $9.95. All house burgers come with lettuce, tomato and mayo and house chips. WOW. I didn't have any prior expectations, but it was one of the best burgers I've ever had in my life. The meat was cooked medium-well, but it was SO juicy and tender that it could have been well-done and it wouldn't have mattered. I also liked how the patty was flatter making an even amount of meat in every bite. Some burger places make their patties too thick and almost sphere-like. The Applewood Bacon was thick and sweet. The egg was sunny-side up, which is exactly how I liked my eggs. There was just enough mayo on a French bistro bun and all of the veggies were fresh. The cheese wasn't too overpowering either but was nice and melted. The ingredients worked so well together that I'd definitely recommend this to anyone. Oh yea, isn't the presentation with the knife so cool?

The bf ordered the 'Dragon's Breath (pepper jack, red onions, charred jalapeno peppers, fire sauce and house slaw) for $9.95. I didn't take a bite because I would have DIED, haha. Usually the house slaw comes on the burger with the fire sauce, but he got them on the side. He loved the burger, and thought there was a good amount of heat where he could still feel his taste buds but satisfy his desire for spiciness. He has been talking about this place all week, and says it's the best burger place he's been to so far.

It's a great place for kids (and big kids) to come play arcade games too!

We stopped by last week during their soft-opening as they were still finalizing their menu, website, etc. They offer a very popular fish sandwich called 'WGF (World's Greatest Fish Sandwich), which the bf said he'd get next time. They season daily and sear-grill their burgers to order. The burgers range between $7.95-13.95, which is can seem $, but normal for local burger places like Ray's Hellburger and The Burger Joint. The freshly-made house chips were a nice change from french fries. They were thick and crunchy, and just enough food since the burger was filling. I'm actually going back sometime next week with some friends, so hope to run into you guys!

4905 Fairmont Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 656-3882
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Mon-Thu 11am - 10pm
Fri-Sat 11am - 11pm
Sun 11am - 9pm


kevin said...

OK this place is great My uncle owns this restaurant and i got to try every burger it was amazing especially the fish! I went to their taste test days before it was open you are exactly right their burgers are better than anything i've tasted. Plus their chips are not store bought and still taste very good. Just ask the manager about Kevin (me)

Dskco said...

Hey Kevin! Man, everyone keeps talking about that Fish Sandwich! Ok we're def going to have to get it. I wish the best for your uncle's restaurant