Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Seven Seas- Rockville, MD

Since the bf and I STILL haven't gone grocery shopping since the power outage, we decided to go for Chinese food. We chose Seven Seas Chinese Restaurant in Rockville because I thought it was the same one in College Park that I used to frequent in school. Its actually not owned by the same people, but happens to have the same name.I've walked by when their blinds are up, but since the sun was setting, they close their blinds to block out the sun. The restaurant has plenty of shopping center parking. The closest metro stop is Rockville Twinbrook on the red line.

Check out some of their awards! They had a whole wall full of them.

This is the main dining room, which has nice red walls and simple decor. The first room you walk in has a few small tables and their sushi bar.

Food came out fast! The menu is big and offers Chinese and Japanese food. We opted for only Chinese food and ordered 'Shrimp Lo Mein' for $8.95. It was a good amount of noodles. It wasn't overly salty, drenched in soy sauce or oily. I thought it was great! I'd definitely order it again. The bf would have liked it a bit saltier.

We also shared a 'Cap Moo Pork (Shredded pork sauteed with cabbage, mushrooms, bamboo shoots & glass noodles covered with an omelet cap. Served with Hoisin sauce & 4 pancakes) for $10.95. The pork was so tender, and once again I thought it wasn't covered in soy sauce, so it was really tasty.

With the order, you receive 4 pancakes ($.55 each for extra), and you wrap the above dish into little "burritos".

I didn't get a cool fortune or anything, haha. Those oranges were a nice palate cleanser though!

I enjoyed the food a lot. It tasted like good ingredients were used. The service was fast but for some reason we had 3 different servers. It was probably to make sure we were taken care of at all times. The price seems to be normal for a non-take out Chinese restaurant. You can order online via their website for carryout/delivery orders. They also have a cool 'Afternoon Tea' deal: 2 appetizers, 2 entrees, tea & ice cream for $12.99.

1776 E Jefferson St
Rockville MD 20852
(301) 770-5020
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Sunday - Thursday: 11:00am - 10:30pm
Friday - Saturday: 11:00am - 11:00pm


Marcus said...

Oh dude that Seven Seas is SO much better than the one on Rt 1, don't you think?

Ruthbird said...

Seven Seas has a very nice private room that seats about 20. They have been very accomodating to our group of breast cancer survivors that meets there for lunch on the first Friday of the month. I love their bento boxes.

David H. said...

Love Seven Seas, been going there for years. Our family always has the day before Thanksgiving family meal there.

Correction though, the closest Metro stop would be Twinbrook.