Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hanaro - Bethesda, MD

After getting to Caddie's (best fries/cheese fries) at 9:30am to watch the World Cup (sad loss for the US and Korea), the bf and I went with our boy Diz to Hanaro because he was craving sushi and we have never been there before. There is metered garage (free on weekends) and metered street parking (free on Sunday). The closest metro stop is Bethesda on the red line.

I love outdoor seating but it's been too hot! No more humidity please.

They have a nice bar area with bar tables and regular seating along the window. I'm sure this place looks awesome when they have a DJ on Friday nights.

We sat in the side dining room that has the sushi bar and booths. Lots of dark wood everywhere and trendy decor. They have a 2nd floor that we did not check out.

The bf and I weren't starving since we had eaten at Caddie's, so we each ordered one roll to try. He ordered the 'Green Tree Roll (shredded crab meat, unagi, cucumber, avocado, tempura bits, eel sauce)' for $12. It came with 8 pieces and was good and crunchy because of the tempura bits. I've never seen green tobiko caviar before!

I ordered the 'Redskins Roll (spicy tuna, red snapper, tobiko, eel sauce)' for $9. I love eel sauce because it's sweet. My roll also came with 8 pieces and was good and fresh. Do they dye the tobiko? So pretty.

Diz wasn't kidding when he said he was hungry for sushi!
He ordered (L-R):
'Crunchy Roll (crab, shrimp, masago, cucumber, tempura bits, and eel sauce) for $8'
'Crazy Tuna Roll (its not on their website menu, but around $10)'
'Firecracker Roll (spicy tuna, salmon, tempura bits, spicy chili sauce) for $15'

We also had Sake Bombs! It was my first time, and it tasted better than I thought it would. A shot of sake over a glass of Sapporo beer, hit the table until the shot glass falls in, and chug!

"When I say sake, you say bomb!" lol

Overall the food was fine. They offer a pan-asian selection of entrees and a large list of special rolls, which are a bit pricey. Comparing special rolls, I still find the quality of Sushi Damo to be a bit higher in my opinion. The service was slow. It took between 20-30 minutes to get our 5 rolls and we were the only party downstairs.

7820 Norfolk Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814
(301) 654-7851
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