Sunday, March 6, 2011

Giveaway - $50 to Againn Tavern!

Thank you again to Againn Tavern! It was fun for the bf and I to taste their winter menu recently. At the end of the night we were each given a gift bag that included a $50 gift certificate. We used one on our date and figured we needed to share the love!

One of my awesome readers will get a chance to pig out and enjoy the food as much as we do.

1. Must be a Twitter or Facebook follower.
2. Tell me where in the U.S. the bf and I should go on vacation this summer! We have a city in mind, but I want to weigh my options.
3. Leave your name and email.
4. Ends 3/12 at 11:59PM.

Winner will be chosen using Good Luck!!!


Maggie said...

You guys should visit Chicago. In the summer, there're food/music festivals in different areas of Chicago EVERY single week! Plus, every Fri/Sat night, they have fireworks by the Navy Pier (:

Leah said...

You should go to Ft. Lauderdale, beach and lots to do, also right near Miami and West Palm!

Lindsey said...

I follow you on twitter! (@lbbartlett)

Thanks for this giveaway, your review has me very intrigued.

I vote San Fran for the summer - the weather will be great, and it's such a good foodie town. It's the top of my list!

Lindsey -

Kristin Schwab said...

You should go to San Antonio the riverwalk is amazing!

Kristin Schwab

iLikeRocks said...

1. Facebook - Lizi Sally
2. Pittsburgh! There's a variety of 'institution' places that are worth checking out food-wise and the city's also come up with some new really good restaurants. Plus there's little neighborhoods to explore. Seriously, look up Food, Glorious Food on yelp and GO THERE.

Tim Wood said...

1. Timothy Buchbinder Wood on Facebook!
2. San Francisco! Great food. Great Weather.
3. Timothy Buchbinder Wood

Anonymous said...

Austin W
Honolulu, Hawaii
It is just an amazing spot to go to. It's a really cool place at night too if you are by the ocean.

Jennifer said...

1. Facebook - Jennifer Park
2. I second Chicago. I went there for the first time last summer and I loved it. Lots to see and do and of course, eat!

Marcus said...

Austin TX. Food wise and city wise, you won't regret it! Only it'll be wicked hot.

When you get there I'll tell you some cool places to eat, yum. I just got back from Austin, I love it there.

suddenlychou {at}

Ivanna said...

Definitely New Orleans--great food (both high end and low) and lots of neighborhoods to explore!