Saturday, March 26, 2011

Joung Kak - Baltimore, MD

Cold, rainy nights are remedied with delicious Korean food. Rarely am I ever in Baltimore, but the bf and I were visiting his sister, so she took us to Joung Kak in the Charles North area. There are a few metered spots in front.

Sorry guys, we were so focused on the food, I didn't take any pictures of the interior! I will say, it's kinda run down. Lots of wood, and random missing tiles, hair dryers...

They did give a wide variety of ban chan, which we liked.

This was the 1st time I've seen a charcoal tabletop grill, which I might add, was a huge fire hazard during our meal. The metal grate wasn't ever changed throughout the night and the char stuck to it caught on fire. Thankfully the bf's sister saved the day, otherwise it could have been bad.

The seafood pajoon (pancake) for $15ish was so crispy and flavorful, I loved it! This picture doesn't show how large it was, but it was huge.

This is one of the complimentary hot pots we received. Pictured was the egg-souffle-thingy (?) and the other was a pork-based soup.

We shared a BBQ combo that had bulgogi (beef), pork and chicken for $55ish.

There was a ton of meat for 3 people!

OMG they gave out Korean Yogurt Drink! I love these little tart drinks. I haven't seen them served at the end of a meal before.

The service was super lacking. We weren't checked on at all, so we were thirsty and almost caught the table on fire. They were nice though, and there were a lot of free items. I found the meat to be mediocre, but the bf and his sister liked it. The pajoon was my favorite part of the meal, and would be the only reason why I'd come back.

18 W 20th St
Baltimore, MD 21218
(410) 837-5231


shiwi said...

the egg dish pictured above = 계란찜 "GEH rahn jjim" aka Korean steamed egg custard :)

Marie said...

Thanks Shiwi! Dave had no idea what it was called, haha

Michele said...

"almost caught the table on fire"

I love you, bwahaha!!

Liz said...

My dad used to work at Joungkak. I only remember going there a few times while growing up in Bmore County. I bet their food is not as good without my dad cooking there :P