Thursday, April 8, 2010

China Taste/Tokyo Express- Rockville, MD

Whenever I want cheap sushi that's close to home, I go to China Taste/Tokyo Express. I've been going to this place for about 10 years now. Granted I haven't been in a while because I've been trying new places for the blog, but I had to come back at some point. My mom found this hole in the wall, yey. They have a tiny parking lot that I've never seen full. The closest metro is Twinbrook on the red line.

This is pretty much the half of the place since a few tables were cut out of the shot. There's a mirror on the left which makes the place appear bigger. You order up front, get a number, find a table and you pick up your food when your number gets called out.

Water, condiments, utensils are all self serve on the side or at the counter. You also bus your own table at the end and place your plates/trays into the bin.

This review is ONLY on Tokyo Express. The restaurant serves Chinese and Japanese food, but we didn't get any Chinese dishes this time.

Look at all this food!

I ordered the 'California Roll & 6pcs Sushi' ($10.95) which was insanely large. I'm not exaggerating when I say the pieces were twice as large as they usually are at other establishments. I think they were almost too big . The flavor wasn't anything special either. I think the California roll was good though.

Each combination dish comes with a free bowl of miso soup. It was a big bowl too with a lot of seaweed in it, not just broth and like 2 scallions.

The bf ordered a 'Flying Dragon Maki (8pcs California Roll topped with Spicy Tuna) for $6.95', which was SO GOOD. Much more delicate texture and great flavor.

He also ordered a 'Salmon Roll (8pcs)' for $3.95. He said it was good too. He was actually very happy with his meal.

You can't beat those sushi prices in Rockville. They have a large array of sushi options from special rolls, combos, hand rolls, and platters. You get a ton of food, and most of the rolls are 8pcs instead of 6pcs. I'd probably never get the pieces again, but the rolls I like a lot. This place isn't beautiful at all, so not a great 'First Date' location, but good for a quick bite. It's usually crowded when I stop by and service is quick. The Chinese food dishes I saw them serve were HUGE.

155 Rollins Ave
Rockville, MD 20852
Open 7 days a week: 11am-10pm

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Anonymous said...

The sushi is really good but the china food is even better. This place is like a hidden secret once you know about it you will keep coming back. Try the cashew chicken and the sesame chicken.

Roberto said...

After stumbling into this nondescript establishment in an old rump strip mall next to Federal Plaza just south of Rockville Pike, I ordered the California Roll for lack of any better ideas.

It was all as the blog report said complete with a big glob of wasabe mustard and a handful of ginger shavings (and notice the fish roe generously sprinkled on top of the order).

When I arrived home---Metro and a bus ride; I went to Rockville to shop at MicroCenter right across the street in Federal Plaza---I immediately googled "Tokyo Express, Rockville MD" so I could get something to link to as I intended to inform my issei friend about this discovery.

Based on the blog report and my first hand experience, I plan to hurry back there and have a big lunch sometime real soon.

Great reporting from your blog; thanks.