Thursday, April 1, 2010

El Patio- Rockville, MD

The other night the bf suggested we just drive up the road and try some random restaurant. I usually like to research a place, read reviews, etc before eating somewhere. He is the spontaneous one in the relationship, and I admire that about him. We ended up trying an Argentinean Cafe called El Patio on Twinbrook Prwy. I've seen this tiny place before, but never thought about stopping by. The parking lot is tiny. The closest metro stop is Twinbrook on the red line.

The interior feel like I'm in a different country. It's a restaurant, bakery and a small grocery with packaged goods from Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. The tables are small and round, as if I was eating outside in Buenos Aires.

You can buy pastries and other delicious items that are on display.

Empanadas are one of my favorite foods, so we ordered 3 different kinds. Cheese & Onion, Chicken and Beef for $1.60 each. They were a bit on the small side, but they were so good. Very flaky, non-greasy and each had a unique flavor.

Another one of my favorite foods is sweet potato fries. We ordered a small batch of 'Batata frita' for $2.90. They were good to me. The bf thought they didn't have enough seasoning. My all time favorites are from Rosa Mexicano, but these weren't bad.

We actually shared an entree since we went to Greenberry prior to dinner. We ordered the 'Carne Salteada El Patio- Sauteed steak with mashed potatoes' for $10.25. There is the option of mashed potatoes, french fries or rice. The steak's marinade was SO GOOD. I thought it was gravy, but it went very well with the buttery mashed potatoes. The steak was a little chewy at times, but I think it's just that cut of meat. The hard boiled eggs were a bit random, but didn't bother the flavor.

This family-owned restaurant offers a large menu of items for such a reasonable price. Their sandwiches looked very good when I saw other people ordering them. The atmosphere is very fun, and seemed like a place that has regulars. Service was fine, and the food came out quickly. They have a nice outdoor patio for dining during nice weather.

12303 Twinbrook Pkwy
Rockville, MD 20852
(301) 231-9225

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