Thursday, April 22, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake- Bethesda, MD

This was a very on the whim visit to Georgetown Cupcakes, so it was taken by my iPhone (sorry).
After having dinner with my old friend Mia at McCormick & Schmicks, we walked to Georgetown Cupcakes for dessert. I've never been to an actual store, but these are probably the most famous cupcakes in the DMV, so we were eager to eat some. There is a metered garage right across the street and regular metered parking, which are all free on the weekends.

Look at this display!! This place is a very tiny bakery with one table inside and a couple outside. The display is so cute with the cupcake towers. It is very inviting and makes you want to buy every flavor.

Their menu switches up daily too.
1- $2.75
Half Dozen- $15
Dozen- $30

I bought Mia 1/2 dozen for her belated birthday and 1/2 dozen for myself (don't judge me!), and asked them to pack them separately. Well the girl working there said she knew exactly who's box was for who and I didn't want to break the cute flower seal, so I believed her. Wrong, lol. So I have Mia's flavors, which were still very good.

Top: Chocolate Ganache, Lemon Berry, Chocolate & Vanilla
Bottom: Red Velvet, Cookies & Creme, Vanilla & Chocolate

Once I got home, the bf and I tasted them all. Lemon Berry was SO refreshingly good. I loved the lemon cake and the raspberry frosting. Their signature Red Velvet was also one of my favorites because the cream cheese frosting was so flavorful and balanced out the cake. The bf loved the Chocolate Ganache because it tasted like dark chocolate. The other flavors were good as well, but more normal. All of the cupcakes in my batch were very moist.

I loved the cupcakes. I thought they were moist and flavorful. I liked how perfect the display was, and how they frosted the cupcakes and put a little edible charm on them. Their changing menu adds a bit of variety if you go there often. I'd love to try their maple and peanut butter fudge ones next. These cupcakes are expensive in my eyes, but are a nice treat or gift once and a while.

4834 Bethesda Ave.
Bethesda, MD 20814

Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm
Sun: 12-6pm

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Melanie said...

haha.. georgetown cupcakes are my weakness! oh so yummy!i always stop by if i'm ever in the area =D

glitteryeyesxx said...

I've been meaning to stop by here...but I just hate hearing how CROWDED it can get, especially on the weekends. Lines can be over 30 minutes?? Is that true? But I might just have to get over it, and haul my butt there ASAP! Your cupcakes look so delish! =)