Friday, May 28, 2010

Lighthouse Tofu- Rockville, MD

Last night I met up with two friends for some Korean food. I suggested eating at Lighthouse Tofu because one of my awesome readers (Sup Mark!) reminded me this place existed. I used to work right around there and always thought they only served Soon Dubu Jigae (Spicy Tofu Stew), so I never went. They restaurant has their own private lot with the closest metro being Twinbrook on the red line.
It's pretty big on the inside and wooden. I didn't see any tables with the personal grills or table vents either.
Their menu is pretty small. It's actually just a small menu inside of a plastic cover that is already standing on your table. They offer maybe 15 items, with a lot of it being the soon dubu jigae and Korean pancakes. They do offer BBQ too.
There wasn't a huge assortment of pan chan (appetizer/side dishes). About 6 different kinds. The kim chi wasn't spicy to me because of the bean paste in it.
I've never seen this before, but apparently its common. It's rice with tea. You wait for the rice to get soft and you scrape it off of the sides and eat/drink it. It's very mild, but quite refreshing and strangely addictive.
I ordered a 'Kim Chi Pancake (large) for $13.99". OMG, it was so good! I loved it, and a large is a good size to share with others if you plan on sharing other foods. I was actually able to finish all but one slice myself. The flavor is great, very thin, and just crispy enough. The dipping sauce is to die for.
My friends both ordered Soon Dubu Jigae. You can specify the spicy level, and they both got the most spicy broth. I tried the seafood one and was coughing. Good flavor though, and they give you an egg to crack into the broth.
Left: Seafood Tofu Pot (Clam, Shrimp, Oyster) for $9.99
Right: Beef, Pork (she omitted the pork) Tofu Pot for $9.99
Look how HOTTTTTT the stew comes out! I was like "holy crap"...

The service was nice and the women wore traditional outfits (han bok), so cute! The food came out fairly quickly. I'd say its good for faster dinners since you're not BBQing the food yourself, and the menu is pretty small. I think Korean restaurants are overall pricey, so this one wasn't any different.

12710 Twinbrook Prky
Rockville, MD 20847

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lunching in the DMV! Thanks for the comment on the Saint Sophia Greek Festival. I went to the Light House with a friend and loved it. Great post!

Liz said...

I LOOOOOVE this place. awww i miss dc. i miss being able to eat normal actually. braces are no fun. haha.