Monday, May 24, 2010

Millhouse's House of Rolls

This weekend I was able to meet up with James Millhouse Jr, owner of Millhouse's House of Rolls during one of his biscuit tastings. I first met James last year at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show where his angel biscuits were so memorable.

In 1994, James' mother taught him the recipe for angel biscuits, and after some revisions he debuted his biscuits around the holidays in 2001. They were a huge hit! His flavor variations happened a few years a later and was encouraged by loved ones to start his own business.
Now James is full speed ahead attending conventions, starting a dry mix line and instructional book on how to create flavor variations and pre-made biscuits.

FAQ (more on his website)

Q. What are Millhouse rolls?

A. Our version of angel biscuits is like a cross between a traditional buttermilk biscuit and a yeast roll. It is tender, flavorful, and easy to make.
These are the Original Angel biscuits. They're slightly sweet and insanely addictive.
These Banana Walnut ones were my favorite! I ate 3 of them, and they had the perfect balance of sweetness, nuttiness and banana.
James has tried so many different variations of his biscuits including peppermint! Very interesting, haha.
You can tell he is very passionate about his product and excited to share them with others. I look forward to the pre-made biscuits and the dry mix! He will be at the 2010 Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show and you can check out his other events on his News page.

(240) 221-3007

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